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What is the All Good Street Team?

The All Good Street Team is a group of passionate fans that enjoy spreading the word of concerts to other fans and bringing the jam community together.  There is no better feeling than being a catalyst that brings live music to the people.  Music heals the soul!

In exchange for promoting upcoming All Good Presents events, you will earn free concert tickets, you will become eligible for unique experiences, and you will be part of the All Good Team that has built and curated the jam band scene for 25 years in the Baltimore, DC Metropolitan.

Whether you attend one show a month, three shows a week, or anything in between, there’s always room for more people to get involved!


When and where does the All Good Street Team distribute promotional materials?

The All Good Street Team works year-round. There are three main ways teamers help spread the word:

Flier At Shows

  • Pre-Show – Place fliers on windshields of cars in the venue parking lot.
  • End of Show – Exit Flyering.  Leave the concert prior to encore and hand out fliers to as many fans as you can exiting the venue.

Street Campaigns In Your Local Community

  • Bring show posters to local businesses in your city / local college campus, coffee shops, record stores, hip businesses.
  • Leave small stacks of fliers in appropriate places in your local community.

Social Media

  • Share posts / create your own posts for upcoming AGP shows and festivals.
  • Invite people to Facebook Events for upcoming shows and festivals.


Why you should join the team!

If you love live music as much as we do, then you’ll find yourself right at home on the All Good Street Team!


  • In exchange for your work, we will provide you with free tickets to AGP shows (subject to availability).
  • Our average concert ticket is around $30 – you could literally save hundreds of dollars on concert tickets in a year’s time!


Unlock more perks the more you promote!


  • After you’ve successfully distributed fliers at Five (5) shows and have completed Two (2) Street Campaigns, you’ll earn an official All Good Presents live music. T – Shirt


  • After you’ve successfully distributed fliers at Fifteen (15) shows and completed Five (5) Street Campaigns, you’ll earn an AGP live music. Hoodie


  • After you’ve successfully distributed fliers at Thirty (30) shows and completed Ten (10) Street Campaigns, you’ll earn some next level perks such as VIP access, access to Soundchecks or even Backstage access.


Come be a part of something really special!



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