Uncle Kunkel’s One Gram Band

Uncle Kunkel’s One Gram Band is a Baltimore based music group playing an original catalog of high energy funk-rock music that pulls influence from all over the jam lineage. In the music you will hear thick funk, jazzy interludes, epic peaks, eclectic lyrics, and stomping four- on-the-floor dance jams. The mission of this group is to bring audiences under one roof and create a space where people feel like they can let loose and get down. Through genuine improvisation, the audience gets to be part of the music as the band spontaneously strives to bring attention to the moment; taking everyone in the room with them, wherever they choose to go. Everyone raises the energy together as one. With their dedicated local fanbase the “Nieces & Nephews” each show is a coming together of community, family, and like-minded individuals looking to get down. With a great year of live shows under their belt, and a fairly large catalog of original music, the group is currently working on recording their first official studio projects for release on streaming platforms in the Spring of 2024.