Perpetual Groove

Based in Athens, GA, Perpetual Groove is a long time well established touring act with an  enthusiastic fan base and international critical acclaim. Dubbed PGroove by their fans, their  music has been best described as anthemic trance arena rock. Their large catalog of original  music offers something for everyone. The addition of an intense, retina burning, intelligent light  show creates an atmosphere unlike any other, assuring fans they’ll get a highly polished, yet  different show each night. With the recent addition of drummer Darren Stanley (Col.Bruce  Hampton, Jimmy Herring The 5 of 7, Larkin Poe, Oz Noy, Peter Rowan) Perpetual Groove has  positioned themselves to enter an entirely new era with a fresh perspective and sound. Almost  20 years into their career, Perpetual Groove continues to showcase the evolution of their  cultivated music and performances. This is a band that is fully realized and ready to bring their  sound, storytelling, and live experience to the masses.