All Good Giving Campaign Raises $7,460



Showtime at the Drive-In

All Good Giving Campaign Raises $7,460 Via Drive-In Concerts to Benefit the Local Community

All Good Presents is pleased to announce the third of many donations to local non-profits as a result of fundraising from drive-in concerts held at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Tim Walther of All Good Presents made the third donation of $2,243 to The Frederick Arts Council on behalf of the All Good Giving Campaign.

In an effort to help revive and restore the local community, All Good Presents created the All Good Giving Campaign to assist those struggling the most. This multi-platform fundraiser involved the All Good Presents team donating $1 for every car ticket sold, plus, providing “no-pressure” opportunities for fans to donate online when they purchased their ticket. They could also text to donate in advance and at the show.

In total, $7,460 was raised for local charities. $1,982 was donated by fans and $5,478 was donated by All Good Presents. To reach as many neighbors as possible, three incredible non-profits were chosen based on the impact they have on the local community. Shows during the month of April benefited The Mental Health Association of Frederick County, shows during May benefited The Frederick City Food Bank Program, and shows during June and July benefited the Frederick Arts Council. $933 was donated to the Frederick County Mental Health Association, $4,284 went to Friends for Neighborhood Progress – Frederick City Food Bank, and $2,243 was raised for the Frederick Arts Council.


Significant Community Impact:

Beyond the funds raised, the shows created by All Good Presents brought many other benefits to the Frederick community. 20 concerts were held over 3 months. 22,105 fans in 5,478 cars visited the Drive-In for All Good shows. 65% of the attendees came from outside of Frederick County, bringing business to our town in a time of need. 11 bands, 52 artist crew members, 15 vendors, and a team of 35 venue staff were put to back to work at these events. In a time when the live entertainment industry was suffering the most, All Good Presents found a way to bring back work and inspiration.

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